The concert = event. The music = story. The communication with the public, the vibe and the flow stand all above musicality.

Hailing back to 2007, sZempöl was formed spontaneously, when a few friends started to play music together. Thanks to their passion and devotion, soon they found themselves playing in different cities and festivals, including Sziget Festival (HU), Bucharest (RO) Budapest (HU), München (DE), Peninsula Festival (RO), just to name a few.
In 2014 the band was touring in Hungary and Switzerland with new members and a redefined sound. They performed at all major arts and theatre festivals in Transylvania. Reaching its current setup, sZempöl Offchestra was joined by a turntablist and two VJs, who use live visuals and mapping to create a truly unique audio-visual experience.

The main purpose of the sZempöl (pronounced sample) band’s music is to create free energy flow and to lead the audience through different moods: they don’t consider music as an independent medium, and they ignore all formal and technical conventions. The most important element in their music is theatrality and playfulness. The „occupation” of the band’s members (theatre, film) is responsible for their stage presence, and for the fact that in terms of music, they think beyond tradition and everyday conventions. Their tracks all sound different. The content forms a strong bounding during a concert, while they move freely between different genres including jazz, balkan, techno, breakbeat or drum ‘n’ bass spiced with some samples. Combining electronic and acoustic instruments, they call themselves a balkan-teatro-disco band.

Anyway, the point is: they make you dance in the glimpse of an eye.
Nothing, and everything should be taken seriously during their live performances.